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Citing the CISG Nordic

All case law and articles in the CISG Nordic database are equiped with a unique ID that allows your readers to quickly refind the source without the need to include long hyperlinks in your footnotes.

Example: The CISGNordic.net ID 981104DK in the quick search field will return the 'Christmas tree case' from 4th of November 1998.

Suggested full reference to for example a case found on the website:

'District Court of Randers, Denmark, 4 November 1998, CISGNordic.net ID: 981104DK'



Update History (In reversed chronological order)

December 2014

Added three cases including abstracts from Latvia.


November 2014

Added Audio-Visual Conference Book with 13 videos of prominent scholars!

Updated contact information.

Updated bibliography.

Updated status chart due to withdrawal of reservations in the Nordic region.

Added case law to the Baltic section.

References to domestic laws incorporating the CISG added.


November 2013

Added section on papers.

Added paper: Når virksomhedens løsørekøb internationaliseres.


September 2013

Added search and index facilities.

Launch of technically revised database.

Added case law from Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria.

Updated status map.

Added several abstracts relating to case law from Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria.

Added welcoming video.

Added invitation to contribute.

Added cookie information.


June 2013

Technical modernization of CISG Nordic.


May 2013 

Added nickname to danish case law under translation.


April 2013

Added new section on Baltic Case Law.

Added three new arbitration cases from Latvia to the database. 

Added three abstracts of Latvian cases. By Aleksandra Vasiljeva. 


Marts 2013

Updated bibliography. 


February 2013 

Updated bibliography. 

Updates status chart.


January 2013 

Updated bibliography. 


September 2012

Sources added to the status chart. 


August 2012

Status chart updated. 


July 2012

Changes in status chart due to revocation of article 92 reservations. 

Updated contact information.

Updated advisory board information.

Corrected technical error between CISG Nordic and external databases. 


December 2011

 Added danish case law.


June 2010

Added and corrected links after technical changes.


November 2010

Added link to C. Ramberg's restatement of Swedish contract law.


May 2010

Danish Sale of Goods Act added to collection.

Norwegian Sales Act added to collection.

Link to Danish-English legal dictionary added.


December 2009

Link to Chinese CISG website established


November 2009

Updated Arabic translation of CISG


August 2009

Abstract elaborated in Danish case.

New section of links with 6 references added.

Link added to collection.


July 2009

Index of cases by date has been created.


May 2009

 Finnish Case Law added after suggestion from adviser.


March 2009

Link to Slovakian website established after suggestion from adviser.


February 2009

Abstract added for the SC, Casting Moulds / Attorney Malpractice, Denmark.

Miscellaneous spelling errors corrected.

Abstract of the Finnish case, CA Spices from 2004 May 24 has been added after suggestion by adviser.

Link to the Russian CISG website established.


January 2009

Elaborated on the art. 93 reservation made by Denmark in the status chart after user suggestion.

Danish translation of CISG added to the database.

Two Norwegian cases added to the database after advisory board suggestion.

Update history added to the website.

Domestic Icelandic law and status chart text added after user suggestion.

Text related to the status chart revised according to advisory board suggestion.


CISG Nordic website opened to the public:

  • Former CISG Finland website incorporated
  • 24 Danish cases identified and added
  • 11 Finnish cases identified and added
  • 7 Language versions of CISG added
  • 1 Domestic law added
  • Status chart of CISG in the Nordic region added
  • 5 Presentations of the Nordic judicial systems added
  • 2 Articles by Nordic authors added





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