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  International Commercial Law from a Nordic and Baltic Perspective:
Current Status and Challenges

Conference held at Aarhus University in collaboration with the Secretariat of UNCITRAL on 18 September 2014.

Editor: Thomas Neumann, contact


Conference report by Thomas Neumann, hosted at the Nordic Journal of International Commercial Law. NJCL 2014#2 pp. 1-15.

The Conference Programme.

The Conference Website.



Session I: Globalisation of the Region


Luca G. Castellani

Legal Officer at the Secretariat of UNCITRAL

The Many Facets of Promoting the CISG: Broader Adoption, Scope of Application, Uniform Interpretation and Domestic Use

Biography | Alternative video link




Jan Ramberg

Professor Emeritus, Stockholm University

Regionalism and Globalism from a Nordic Perspective

Biography | Alternative video link





Session II: Status and Experience: The Nordic Region


Camilla Baasch Andersen

Professor, University of Western Australia

Nordic Legal Tradition - An Obstacle to Uniform Application?

Biography | Alternative video link




Thomas Neumann

Associate Professor, Aarhus University

The Nordic Article 92 Reservations and Their Withdrawal: Implications and Problems

Biography | Alternative video link




Session III: Status and Experience: The Baltic Region


Aleksandra Tolea (Vasiljeva)

PhD Candidate, University of Southern Denmark

The Baltic Reservations Against Freedom of Form: Background, Withdrawal, and Status

Biography | Alternative video link




Tadas Klimas

Associate Professor and Attorney

Reception of the CISG in the Baltics: An epidemiology

Biography | Alternative video link




Karsten Duch Lynggaard

Attorney and Partner at Magnusson

Ten Years Later: A Practitioners View of the Future

Biography | Alternative video link




Session IV: Formation of Contracts


Ole Lando

Professor Emeritus, Copenhagen Business School

The Problems Caused by CISG Part II

Biography | Alternative video link




Kai Krüger

Professor Emeritus, University of Bergen

Point of No Return - Threshold for Binding Commercial Agreements in the Forthcoming Nordic CISG Part II Setting

Biography | Alternative video link




Kasper Steensgaard

Associate Professor, Aarhus University

From § 6 NCA to Art. 19 CISG. New Rules on Nonconforming Acceptances - Overlaps and Pitfalls

Biography | Alternative video link




Session V: Shortcomings and Challenges


Burghard Piltz

Professor, Dr. and Partner of Ahlers & Vogel, Hamburg

INCOTERMS and CISG Article 30 et seqq.

Biography | Alternative video link




Helena Haapio

Legal Management Consultant, Lexpert Ltd. and Senior Researcher, University of Vaasa

Responding to the Challenges: Making Contracts and the Law Work for Business

Biography | Alternative video link




René Franz Henschel

Professor, Aarhus University

Unreasonable Contract Terms, Domestic Validity Rules and the CISG: How far do the Fundamental Principles of the CISG Replace and/or Supplement Domestic Contract Law, Including the Nordic Contracts Act § 36?

Biography | Alternative video link





Published 14 November 2014.
Copyrights reserved. May not be reproduced without express permission.

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