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Judicial Systems


The Danish court system is three-tiered. After the reform of 2007 it consists of 24 district courts, two high courts, the Copenhagen maritime and commercial court and a supreme court. Normally a case can be appealed to a higher instance once.

For more detailed information, see the website of the danish judicial system: domstol.dk.



The judicial system of Finland is three-tiered and consists of 54 district courts, 6 courts of appeal and a supreme court. Usually cases start at the district court and can be appealed once. Appeal to the supreme court requires permission.


Visit the official website of the Finnish judicial system for more detailed information.



The Icelandic judicial system is a two-tiered system. It consists of eight disctrict courts and a supreme court. Appeals are heard by the supreme court. For more specific information confer with the official websites of the Icelandic courts: The supreme court of Iceland or The district courts of Iceland.



The Norwegian judicial system is three-tiered. It consists of a supreme court, six courts of appeal and currently 70 district courts. The amount of district courts is being lowered from 92 to 66.

For more detailed information see the official website of the Norwegian judicial system.




The Swedish judicial system is three-tiered an consists of 53 district courts, 6 courts of appeal and a supreme court.

Visit the official website of the Swedish judicial system for more detailed information.






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