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Status Chart as of 28 October 2014

Current status

Country Entry into force Reservations
Denmark 1990 March 1 9394
Finland 1989 January 1 94
Iceland 2002 June 1 94
Norway 1989 August 1 94
Sweden 1989 January 1 94






Article 93: Exclusion of the CISG from autonomous regions.

Article 94: Exclusion of the CISG in inter-nordic sales.




Reservation history 

Country Change Effect
Denmark Withdrawal of art. 92 reservation Part II entry into force 1 February 2013
Finland Withdrawal of art. 92 reservation Part II entry into force 1 June 2012
Iceland - -
Norway Withdrawal of art. 92 reservation Part II entry into force 1 November 2014
Sweden Withdrawal of art. 92 reservation Part II entry into force 1 December 2012







Ratification history 

Country Method Domestic law
Denmark Incorporation of authentic versions

Lov Nr. 733 af 07-12-1988 (ratification of CISG)
Lov Nr. 1376 af 28/12/2011 (part II adopted)
BEK Nr. 973 af 24/09/2012 (executive order)

Finland Incorporation of authentic versions  
Iceland Transformation into Icelandic language  
Norway Transformation into Norwegian language  
Sweden Incorporation of authentic versions  







By Thomas Neumann


Three autonomous territories exists within the Nordic Region. The territories of Greenland and Faroe Islands are part of the Danish reign. Upon incorporation of CISG into Danish law these territories were excluded from the scope of CISG in accordance with art. 93 CISG. See the UN Treaty Collection.


The third autonomous territory, Aaland, is part of the Finnish Republic. No information in regard to exclusion of this territory have been obtained.


Note that Iceland has yet to incorporate CISG Part II. For more information see:

The Continued Saga of the CISG in the Nordic Countries: Reservations and Transformation Reconsidered, Thomas Neumann, Nordic Journal of Commercial Law, 2013#1, pp. 1-16 or Thomas Neumann, "The Nordic article 92 reservations and their withdrawal: implications and problems?" 1 October 2014. Online video clip. Audio-visual Conference Book. Accessed on 1 October 2014, <www.cisgnordic.net/conferencebook.shtml>.






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